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5 Week Wine Kits ~ RJS Craft Winemaking

Mivino (top)
Cru International (below)

Mivino ~ New !
5 Week - 4.5 liter kits (half batches)


RJS Craft Winemaking newest brand encourages winemakers to be adventurous by taking part in the long winemaking tradition of blending different varietals together. Blending is considered the highest form of winemaking and is a great chance for you to put your fingerprint on your craft wine.
Blending can be accomplished by fermenting each variety separately and then selecting your optimal blend prior to bottling. You can also create your own Mivino wine blend by combining the juice from 2 or more grape varieties into one primary fermenter before beginning the fermentation. The main goal of blending is to produce a wine that has improved flavour and aroma characteristics compared to each of its individual components. The Art of Blending involves many different wine parameters that play an important role in determining wine quality: Acidity, pH, Alcohol, Colour, Tannin, Varietal Aroma, Fruitiness, Oak Flavour, and Residual Sugar. Some of these parameters may in excess or in deficiency in the individual wines and blending can help correct each parameter to the desired level. The most important part about blending these Mivino wines is that it should be fun!

mivino 8 varietals - 2017



5 Week Cru International - 12 liter kits from RJS Craft Winemaking

Cru International Introduction

Cru InternationalWine LIst


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